New Zealand Made

Made from Natural Ingredients

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Less Waste

Fishy Fingers Soap

Fishy Fingers is the ultimate fishing soap for removing those pungent fishing stenches such as fish, bait and burley from your hands.

Fishy Fingers is made from natural ingredients and produced right here in Aotearoa. It is the perfect product to have on the boat, at the filleting station or in the kitchen.

Fishy Fingers

Dirty Paws Soap

Dirty Paws is an all-natural pet conditioning soap, which promotes healthy, clean coats without stripping essential natural oils.

Key ingredients including Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil and Lavender oil possess anti-inflammatory and flea repelling properties making your pet comfortable, clean and smelling fresh.

Dirty Paws

Finally my husband doesn't stink after a days fishing - thank you!


Great to have a sustainable alternative to using pet shampoos in plastic bottles


Fishy Fingers soap is fantastic for getting rid of the smell of fish after cooking