Our Story

Two mates, and keen fishermen, spent endless summers enjoying catching fish in the Hauraki Gulf, but they were struggling to enjoy lunch time grazes with their hands reeking of fish, bait and burley...

The guys decided to resolve this ongoing problem for themselves.

After 12 months of testing, re-testing and more testing, they finally (much to their amazement) came up with a product which not only smelt amazing, lemony fresh, but it actually worked! 

They got some prototypes of the miracle product made, and after supplying family and friends with samples, it wasn't long until the boys knew they were on to a winner. They couldn't keep this lunchtime game-changer to themselves, they needed to help recreational fishing enthusiasts everywhere.

What began as a Kiwi invention to help a couple of lads enjoy their lunch out on the boat, turned out to be a product now treasured on most New Zealand recreational boats, filleting stations, kitchens or (in some cases) showers.

Fishy Fingers Soap is now sold throughout New Zealand, in over 500 stores and distributed by one of New Zealand's largest fishing and sporting distributors, Brittain Wynyard. You can find it in any good fishing related store, or buy online to keep you fingers fresh.

As Fishy Fingers took the fishing world by storm, Freddie the Black Lab was feeling a little left out, so the boys decided to further their newfound expertise into the pet product world - creating Dirty Paws.

Who know's what's next...